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In the Library this Week (June 4th – 9th)

Take a Break in the Library
What:  Soda and Snacks
When:  Wednesday, June 5th starting at 12:30pm
Where:  Library Copy Lounge
Catch:  While supplies Last.

Possible Sound from the Atrium
There will be an event conducted in the Atrium tonight (4th), 6:30pm-8:30pm.  The noise from this event may be heard in areas of the Library, particularly on the 1st floor from 8:00pm-8:30pm.  Please Plan your Studying Accordingly.

In the Library this Week (March 25th – 31st):

– Low Cost Legal Research Workshops;
– Make-up (Statutes, Shepards, Cases & Secondary Sources) Workshops;
– Navigating Lexis & Secondary Sources Training;
– Cases & Statutes in Lexis Training;
– Navigating Westlaw & Secondary Sources Training;
– Cases & Statutes in Westlaw Training;
– Hot Dog Wednesday hosted by the Library & IT;
– Pick up your new Coastal ID in the Atrium on Monday & Tuesday from 10am-2pm;
– Possible noise from the Atrium on Tuesday & Thursday at noon.

Controversy divides the nation: Is it better to salt or to brine your Thanksgiving turkey?

There is a controversy in our nation that goes to the very heart of what it means to celebrate Thanksgiving – is salting (also known as a dry brine) the best way to prepare your Thanksgiving bird? Or does soaking the turkey in a wet brine yield the best results?

Researching this issue is easy in one important way – the researcher is very unlikely to find material with a hidden agenda. There are no forces of “Big Brine,” abroad in the land, posting misleading websites on “objective” studies of the salting vs. brining variety. Any material found in a simple internet search is likely to be the honest opinion of cooks.

Here is a link to a set of search results from Dogpile, a metasearch engine. Here you will find many links to sites that examine this important questions and come to a conclusion. However, they do not come to the same conclusion. The controversy rages on.

Fresh Air and Fresh Food!

If you have any tips on things to do in Jacksonville and surrounding areas, feel free to let us know on our Facebook page!

Welcome to the heart of summer here in Jacksonville. The heat is here to stay, but at least we’ll stay in the double digits all weekend and won’t go near 100 degrees for a while.

One positive about summer in Florida is the availability of fresh produce – not just supermarket fresh, but farmer’s-market fresh! Take a break this weekend to get some fresh air and some fresh food!

Click Continue reading for info on some of the Farmer’s Markets open this weekend (all free!) and other events.

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Time Well Wasted!!

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.

                                                                                                               –Bill Watterson

With the bar and finals approaching, most of you probably view the arrival of yet another weekend with both dread and delight! Dread that there are only a few more weekends between you and the exams; delight that you are almost done. Dread that there is so much more you have to study; delight that you might be able to do something fun or get some much needed rest. Dread that you are going to waste time this weekend, delight that you have time to waste this weekend….While it is important to be prepared for your exams, it is also important to pace yourself and take breaks—both physical and mental so that you do not burn out!!

With a little planning, your time can be both well-spent and well-wasted!

So, here are some fun choices….

For me, this weekend is all about Spidey! Watch the Amazing Spider-Man in action at a theater near you or the IMAX to enjoy spine-tingling special effects and rate your spider senses. However, if a masked superhero is not your cup of tea, how about a crusader of a different mettle? Learn what law and justice really means from Atticus Finch as he takes on the case of his life in the classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Enjoy the hot weather! Go to the beach and get some sun (don’t forget the sunblock), or take advantage of summer deals like the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens’ offer of tickets at half-price for those days that the temperature is predicted to hit 92 or higher.  Make sure you print the coupon from their website before you visit the Zoo. In addition, the grand opening of the Riverside Arts Market is on Saturday.

No matter what you decide to do this weekend, remember to spend some time well-wasted!!

What are you doing this weekend?

If you’re working on an ALWR or studying for finals, take a look at the library hours and reference hours.

If you’re headed out, here are some things to see and do:

Do your research before you buy

Are you addicted to groupons? Do you crave that rush you get every time you know that you’re going to get a dinner for half price? Me too! However, there is one small drawback to the wonderful world of groupons. What if you get all excited to try a new restaurant at a ridiculous value, only to find that the food is terrible? Or worse yet, you don’t buy the groupon to a fantastic restaurant because you are unfamiliar with the place, and all your friends keep describing the fantastic experience you missed. Well, the answer to your prayers was right there all along. http://www.yelp.com/jacksonville-fl
Yelp’s super powers go beyond simply helping you choose a restaurant. Yelp will guide to amazing stores for shopping, massages, doctors’ offices, and more.