A Conversation with Linsay Warren, Coastal Law Class of 2007

Linsay Warren, 2007 Coastal Law alum and board member of Florida Coastal School of Law Foundation

Between her full time job as assistant general counsel for the Wounded Warrior Project and serving as a coach for Coastal Law’s perennial top ranked moot court team, Linsay Warren ’07 serves on the Florida Coastal School of Law Foundation board, encouraging alumni to support the Foundation and helping award scholarships to Coastal Law students. We sat down with Linsay to talk to her a little more about the Foundation, her volunteer role on the board, and why she chose to get involved.

What is the Florida Coastal School of Law Foundation?

The Florida Coastal School of Law Foundation exists to provide direct support for scholarships to Florida Coastal School of Law students. The Coastal Law Foundation is not a part of Florida Coastal School of Law. Although it works closely with the school, it has an independent board of directors made up of community leaders and supporters of the school.

Why did you get involved with the Coastal Law Foundation Board?

I chose to get involved because I have a passion for helping others. One of the goals of the Foundation is to assist those Coastal Law graduates who have chosen to pursue public interest law by providing financial support. Through scholarship programs that help reduce student debt, we help ensure their success after graduation and enable more students to enter into public service positions that are traditionally on a more modest pay scale than the private sector.

What do you say to those alumni that say, “Why should I give to a for-profit school?”

Really, they are giving directly to the students through a separate 501(c)(3) organization, not the school. Unlike most schools whose charitable arm is intrinsically tied to the leadership of the school and can get wrapped up in issues of bricks and mortar, paying the light bill and the like, the Coastal Law Foundation is independent and will be able to focus entirely on benefiting students and attorneys. None of the donations go to the school itself. It’s actually a better setup than the typical law school because you can always be assured your money is going to directly benefit students.

What do you miss most about being a Coastal Law student?

The connections I made in law school with other students, as well with the faculty and administration are among the most important I’ve ever made. I still make it a point to stay in contact when I can, but I really miss all of the regular interaction I had with them each week.