Professors win ABA award

Professors Sarah Sullivan, Laura Boeckman, and Natalie Tuttle.

Professors Sarah Sullivan, Laura Boeckman, and Natalie Tuttle.

Florida Coastal has received the ABA Military Pro Bono Project Outstanding Services Award for the pro bono representation of military servicemembers by Professors Laura Boeckman, Natalie Tuttle, and Sarah Sullivan. This award comes from the Standing Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel (LAMP). National recognition by the ABA is a testament to the faculty of Florida Coastal and the outstanding work of Boeckman, Sullivan, and Tuttle.

“Anytime my expertise can be of assistance, whether it’s through the Wounded Warrior Project or through ABA, I feel compelled to do it,” said Sarah Sullivan. “I really enjoy doing it and I feel it’s a way I can give back. If there’s any way that we can assist them, whether it’s legal assistance or otherwise, we have a duty to help them because they’ve sacrificed so much for our freedom and for our way of life.”

The LAMP committee reserves annual awards for individual attorneys, law firms, and corporate law departments that have provided extraordinary pro bono services through the ABA Military Pro Bono Project. Award winners are determined by the number of pro bono cases accepted and the number of hours reported for completed cases. For this award, Professor Boeckman provided servicemembers with assistance in consumer law cases while Professors Sullivan and Tuttle specialized in family law.

“They deserve it – they go into harm’s way for us,” said Natalie Tuttle. “They sacrifice a lot for us. I see a lot of servicemembers who are overseas while their wives are pregnant. It’s hard for them – they shouldn’t have to worry about their families and what’s happening at home. It’s just the right thing to do.”

All three professors share connections to the military in their own families and enjoy utilizing their knowledge in order to make life easier for service members and their families.

“I know how much I appreciate it when someone helps out my husband,” said Laura Boeckman. “There’s not a whole lot I can do outside the legal profession to help people. This is something that I can do – that not everyone can do. It is just nice to make such a big difference in somebody’s life with something that is within my realm of expertise and comes relatively easy to me.”