… And they’re off!


Shamauria Walton (left) and Winnifred Staats (right).

On Monday, May 20, 2013, the inaugural class of Coastal Law’s JD Fast Track program began their expedited course of study. Consisting of the same number of credit hours as a traditional three-year degree, this program offers a unique opportunity for students to enter the legal community after only two years.

“This is for students who are prepared to really buckle down and devote the time necessary,” said JD Fast Track student Winifred Staats, who earned a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Marshall University.

Made possible by maximizing course loads and summer semesters, this rigorous program provides substantial financial benefits including the reduction of living expenses by one third. JD Fast Track students who started the program in May 2013 will receive a total legal education savings of approximately $50,000.

“Yes, it’s a challenge,” said JD Fast Track student and Florida State University graduate Shamauria Walton. “But I think it will create top lawyers who are dedicated to their work and prepared to handle the pressure.”