New scholarship connects alums and prospects

Pictured left, Wendy Belanger. Pictured right, Chuck Malloy.

Pictured left, Wendy Belanger. Pictured right, Chuck Malloy.

Earlier this year, the Coastal Law Offices of Admissions and Alumni Relations collaborated to create The Alumni Admissions Referral Scholarship – a one-time $2,000 award that both rewards prospective students and allows alumni to help shape the incoming class.

The scholarship program officially began in fall 2013 with 39 students, including part-time first-year student Wendy Belanger. Belanger currently works for the Naval Station Mayport who said and first heard about Coastal Law from colleague Chuck Malloy, a 2013 Coastal Law alum.

“[Attending law school] is something that was always a pipe dream that other people did,” said Belanger, who was enlisted in the Navy for six years before attending the University of Florida. “But when I saw that Chuck had done it, I figured I really had no excuse. I could see that it was doable.”

Belanger said Malloy’s assistance, support, and expertise have been invaluable. Both Belanger and Malloy emphasize the benefit of having someone who understands both the legal terminology as well as the stress many students bear during law school.

“He will wander by my office and I’ll say ‘Oh, wait a minute, this thing in contracts …’ and he’ll stop and talk through it with me or I’ll come chase him down and say ‘I have no idea what I just read …’,” she said. “People at work see us together and they just kind of roll their eyes and keep going because no one else can understand what we’re saying.”

Malloy recommended Coastal Law to Belanger after discovering her long-standing interest in the law. He passed along old Barbri books and discussed early doctrinal course work where he noticed how quickly she took to the material.

“When I started law school, somebody was there to help me when I needed it,” said Malloy, who now serves as the Boatswain’s mate (BMC) for the Naval Station Mayport. “To me, it just kind of feels like I’m paying back a debt.”

If you are interested in nominating a student for the Alumni Admissions Referral Scholarship complete a nomination form at