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Sunshine State of Confusion — The Spanish Acquisition, Native American Property Rights, and The Constitution of Cádiz

by Gerald Moran, Professor of Law Illustrations by Karen Kurycki   On October 19, 2012, Florida Coastal School of Law sponsored a symposium celebrating the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Spanish Constitution of Cádiz. This constitution applied to citizens of Spain and all of its colonies, including Florida. This moderately liberal document is, […]

Infringed Benefits … Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform for the Poor and Disabled

By Sarah Sullivan | Assistant Professor of Professional Skills Illustrations by Tony Rodrigues, Tact Designs When discussing the sweeping federal health care reform of today, we can’t help but hear the political pundits’ constitutional perspective, the political perspective, and even the corporate “health care as a business” perspective. Coverage of the health care reform debate is on every television news network, Internet blog, and print medium […]

Pirate [pahy-ruht]: Defined — Searching the Seven Seas for an International Answer

Who, exactly, is a pirate? (by James J. Woodruff II, Associate Professor of Lawyering Process) Stereotypes notwithstanding, the term “pirate” covers a much broader spectrum of activity than swashbucklers swinging from ship to ship, claiming booty as they go. Watching Johnny Depp portray Jack Sparrow or Errol Flynn take the big screen as Captain Blood […]