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Law student makes personal interest in infertility a work of ART

Jessica Hoffman, a family law student clinician and juris doctor candidate slated to graduate in December, is an active contributor on the national Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) scene. She recently produced a session for the ABA’s Family Law section’s Las Vegas conference, and has been asked to help plan and produce another this fall – her fourth for the […]

Debating Independence Versus Accountability In Judicial Systems

We generally think of a legal system as something that develops over time, even centuries; a mixture of laws, rulings, interpretations, practices and procedures growing “organically” with many different influences. Often, though, events bring about change at a much faster space, compressing the time frame of “what was” and “what is to be.” It is […]

Spotlight shines on Center for Law and Sports

One of the joys of sports fandom used to be flipping the morning paper past all the stories of crime and lawsuits to the sanctuary offered by the sports pages. But when an athlete appears in the sports pages these days, he’s as likely to be dodging a paternity suit as a linebacker, negotiating a […]