Neogitating A Job Offer

Follow these tips to negotiate effectively…

1.  Be prepared.  Research the market to determine what you’re worth.  Investigate salary ranges on the internet, with your career services counselor, and with legal search firms.  Ask experienced friends who are already in the market what they think is a reasonable range. 

2.  Set you bottom line and your top goal.  Factor in not just the flat salary, but the vacation, moving bonus, health benefits, retirement benefits, and other intangible factors to get a sense of the full picture.

3.  Practice your negotiation skills in everyday purchases or discussions.

4.  Enter the negotiation with a positive attitude and engage in a respectful dialogue.

5.  Let the employer make the first offer.  And don’t be afraid of silence during the negotiations.  Feeling compelled to rush in to qualify yourself can lead to impromptu and ill prepared speeches.