Mingle With Insurance Defense Attorneys

Insurance defense is often a firm’s bread and butter.  Nearly anyone who litigates will either represent an insurer or pursue a case against one during their practice.  Insurers are one of the few businesses who still have the funds to litigate these days, so insurance law continues to be a fertile area in this stagnant economy. 

Look for events with your local or state bar association to network with insurance defense attorneys to find employment opportunities with firms.  For example, attend the Insurance Law Institute sponsored by the State Bar of Georgia from September 22nd through September 24th at the King & Prince at St. Simon’s Island.  I have attended this seminar myself as a practicing attorney, and many of the state’s leading insurance defense attorneys will be present.  The dress is business casual, as is the atmosphere, which means you have an excellent chance to get to know the attorneys on a personal level.  For more information or to register, go to www.iclega.org.