One Word for Millennials: Patience

Millennials are accumstomed to a world of instant results through technological innovations, and they bring those expectations to their job searches.  But as any seasoned career services counselor will tell you, things move slowly and deliberately in the job search process.  In part, this is a reflection of how law firms operate.  If you interview on Monday, do not expect the firm to make a hiring decision the next day.  The firm may need to wait until the next regularly scheduled partner’s meeting next month to discuss the matter.  Or perhaps the firm is interviewing other candidates over the next couple of months.  I am astounded when students express outrage at not hearing back from a firm after a mere week or two.  If you are not mature enough to understand the culture of law firms and the fact that the hiring process takes time, you will not fare well in this legal environment.  So start your job search early and be patient!