Tip #5 for a Successful Internship

This week, I am featuring a guest blogger who is a student in the Atlanta Networking Club, Andrew Weegar.  Andrew did an amazing job of networking last year to find internships with two firms last summer.  Andrew will share his insight from a student’s perspective on how to have a successful internship.               

Be professional, have fun, be social, and NETWORK while you are at the firm. Being professional means showing up early or on time everyday and being dressed appropriately, which means business dress unless you are told otherwise. It is a good idea to drive by the office that you will be working at before you start there to make sure you have parking and the location figured out. On your first day you will likely be asked if you had any problems finding the place or parking, and being able to say you came up a day before to make sure you knew where everything was is a good way to show your employer that you’re taking the internship seriously. Also, go out to lunch with your co-workers whenever possible and talk with them when things are slow, making sure you steer away from legal/work issues when appropriate. Ask the attorneys you are working with if you can go to meetings with them or meet other lawyers they know. Go to bar events with the lawyers  and ask them to introduce you to others. During the summer, bar sections expect interns to attend events, so they can be a great way to meet other lawyers in the area. Also, it may be a good idea to get business cards made with your contact information on them. It is convenient to just hand someone a card with all your information on it so they will remember you when you contact them. Networking should be one of your top priorities at your internship, and most attorneys are more than willing to help you network whenever possible.