Why Law Firms Like Roots

Connections to the local community are an important consideration for law firms when hiring.  They look for any links to the immediate or nearby communities.  Why?  The more roots you have there, the more likely it is that you will be a long term member of the team.  Traditionally, new associates without any connections to that location tend to stay a few years, then leave to move back home.  As such, some firms will not even consider an attorney for employment unless there is abundant evidence that he or she will remain there.  When associates leave, firms lose the time and money they invested in training and mentoring the associate.  Moreover, clients prefer long lasting relationships rather than a revolving door of associates on their cases.

You are most marketable to a law firm in your hometown or any other city in which you have existing roots.  To demonstrate those connections, be certain to communicate what relatives or friends you have there, any prior work experience in the community, and any volunteer efforts with local organizations.  Express your eagerness to return “home” or to be “near my family.”  Talk with your Career Services Counselor about where you should focus your job search for maximum results and how to demonstrate your community connections.