How Writing Skills Affect Law Firm Hiring

Regardless of the type of law you will be practicing, you will be expected to have superb writing skills.  Whether you will be drafting briefs, motions, client update letters, or contracts, you craftmanship as an attorney will be judged by hiring law firms through your writing skills.  I have known many associates with great potential who never became partners because they lacked critical communication skills.  Likewise, many students or graduates never make it to an interview with a firm because their writing samples are deficient.

To be marketable to a law firm, you must have strong writing skills.  If you lack confidence in your writing abilities, take as many writing courses as possible in law school.  Work with your professors and academic success counselors for additional guidance.  Prepare a flawless writing sample that you can submit as required for job postings.  When possible and if you are confident that you have strong writing skills, attach your writing sample even if unrequested.  Any student can claim to be an excellent writer in a cover letter, so it is helpful to demonstrate your actual abilities to the firm.