More Law Firms Utilizing Structured Panel Interviews

As law firms continue to struggle with how to assess now just a candidate’s written credentials, but their ability to exercise professional judgment, more firms are utilizing a structured panel interview rather than the traditional one-on-one interview format.  With this format, a panel of interviewers use a customized, firm-specific scorecard to measure the candidate’s skills against the performance standards of the firm.  The panel is also designed to eliminate subjective judgment on the part of individual interviewers by using a reliable, evidence based process.  Moreover, interviewers stay on task because of the discipline imposed by having others in the room.  These interviews typically last an hour or longer.   They also include competency based questions, which will be explored in later posts.  If you will be interviewing with a law firm, speak with a Career Services counselor to help you determine the interview format for which you should prepare.