Top 10 Mistakes On Resumes

According to a 2010 survey,  there are 10 key mistakes on resumes that are critical to avoid.  Over the upcoming weeks, I will feature each of those mistakes to avoid, beginning with number 10 . . . . . . . .TMI.  Employers are adamant that too much information is never a good idea.  It is particularly a bad idea when it is on your resume being reviewed by hiring managers who are busy, tired, and looking for critical information to help them making hiring decisions.  If you put too much information on your resume, the reviewer is likely to not read it at all or to just scan it quickly.  Furthermore, it suggests that you have difficulty sifting through critical information and identifying what is substantively important.  So pull out your resume, look at each detail, and consider what it adds to your resume.   If you aren’t sure if an item should be included, make an appointment with a Career Services Counselor.  And stay tuned for 9 other mistakes to avoid on your resume!