What Is Your Social Media Strategy?

How many times have you looked at someone’s Facebook page only to ponder how they could have such poor judgment in deciding what to post?  Do you think law firms check social media sites for information about potential hires?  The answer is a resounding YES!  Thus, it is critical that every element of your online presence reflects your professional demeanor.  No problem, you might say.  I just limit my access on Facebook and other sites to “friends.”  But in this world of connectivity, you cannot rely on such filters.  Often, someone at the firm knows one of your friends, and they might ask that person to pull up your Facebook page for them.  Voila.  They now have photos of you that would make your mother cringe!  And in this competitive hiring market, you can’t make any mistakes in how you present yourself.  A single indiscretion recorded in your social media may be just enough to give another applicant the edge.  In upcoming posts, I will give you some tips on how you can avoid putting your cyber foot in your mouth.  Stay tuned!