Small Firm Recruitment

If you are interested in private practice in a small firm, the GPSSF of the Florida Bar is a wealth of information.  Some of their insight:


When do small firms recruit?

  • Whenever the need arises – there is no set hiring cycle
  • Small firms typically do not have a formal summer-associate program.

How do small firms advertise their openings?

  • 80% of the openings are advertised by word-of-mouth
  • Cannot rely solely upon career services postings as most small firms do not participate in on-campus interviews or list openings with career offices at law schools.

Then how do you find a job in small firm practice?

  • Networking!
  • Volunteer to participate in service projects in local bar organizations or law offices
  • Do a targeted mailing -The National Association of Legal Professionals survey indicates that over 22% of law students gained their post-graduation position by conducting a targeted mailing.