Core Competency for the Solo or Small Firm

Core competency is a set of expectations employers now require about knowledge, capability, behavior, skills and attributes.  The practice of law is a profession, but operates on a business model and you must be prepared in many different arenas.

According to Jordan Furlong, a consultant writing for Law21, the necessary and sufficient skill set for attorneys has always included logical reasoning, persuasiveness, analytical ability, attention to detail, sound judgment and writing ability.  Not anymore.  In addition to the aforementioned skills, today’s lawyer must also possess Collaboration Skills, Project Management Skills, Financial Literacy, Technological Skills, Time Management and perhaps most importantly, Emotional Intelligence.

Learning these core skills will allow you to practice law competently, effectively and competively, and in the world of solo and small firm practice, where there may not be extensive training, you will be expected to show up with these skills.   

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