Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project

Don’t miss a great opportunity—Apply for the Janet D. Steiger Fellowship (named in memory of the late Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission). Selected students will serve for a minimum of eight weeks during the summer of 2013 in the consumer protection or consumer affairs offices of locations of participating State and Territorial governments. Participating government office locations for the summer of 2013 are:

Montgomery, Alabama    Boston, Massachusetts         Portland or Salem Oregon      

Phoenix, Arizona             Lansing, Michigan                  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Little Rock, Arkansas      Jackson, Mississippi              Pierre, South Dakota

Los Angeles, California   Helena, Montana                    Nashville, Tennessee

San Francisco, California  Las Vegas, Nevada             Austin, Texas

Hartford, Connecticut      Concord, New Hampshire       *Salt Lake City, Utah

*Wilmington, Delaware   Newark, New Jersey              Montpelier, Vermont

Atlanta, Georgia               Santa Fe, New Mexico           Richmond, Virginia

Honolulu, Hawaii              New York, New York              Olympia, Washington

Des Moines, Iowa            Charleston, West Virginia       Saipan, North Mariana Islands

Topeka, Kansas              Madison, Wisconsin                Baltimore, Maryland               

*Columbus, Ohio             Cheyenne, Wyoming  

 *Note: *Will only accept 2Ls

 Download application form: http://AmBar.org/Steiger

 Each selected student will receive a $5,000 stipend for the summer (administered through the offices of the state attorneys general and subject to certain federal taxes). There is also a possibility that an optional travel/housing allowance in an amount yet to be determined may be available to Steiger Fellows not living at home during their fellowship, but applicants are encouraged to apply for locations near their place of residence and in any event should not rely upon receiving an allowance in deciding whether to apply for a fellowship.

 The application period is (September 24, 2012 until October 19, 2012). Applications will not be accepted beyond October 19, 2012 deadline date. Students must submit all documents requested in the application form to: ABASteigerFellowship@americanbar.org.