Bar Association websites can be a great source of Job Postings

Bar Associations are fabulous resources for job postings in many areas, particularly in larger cites.  Most are organized based upon the county or city in which they are located, so you can find them online through a simple search using the county or city name and the words “bar association.”  For example, if you are interested in the Jacksonville and Florida markets, check out the Jacksonville Bar site here.  On the left side of the home page, you will find the “Job Target” tab which will take you to the Career Center.  From there you enter a keyword for your desired practice area and you will be taken to jobs in Florida and beyond.

To start your search for bar associations in your target area, make a list of the counties and cities in the region in which you are interested, and search for each of their websites.  Then peruse any job postings, which may be listed under classifieds or careers.  If you don’t see any, pick up the phone and call the bar association to ask them how most legal employers in the area advertise positions.