Small Firm Hiring

Improve your chances of getting hired by a small firm by understanding that while law is a profession, it is also a business.  While getting legal experience during law school, you should also gain other skills required for running a business that can differentiate you from other candidates.  Skills such as marketing or sales experience, accounting, collections or billing experience or budgeting experience could give you the edge, as these are all skills required to run a successful small business.

Are you tech-savvy or can you set up and maintain a network for a small office?  While large law firms have a multitude of support staff, small firms have little or no support, so if you want to make yourself attractive to a small firm employer, being able and willing to perform non-legal tasks can make the difference.  By demonstrating that YOU can help keep the business end of things running smoothly, you can land yourself a job in a small firm.  You can read the rest of Damon Chetson’s article here.