Networking at an Event

If you are planning on attending a gathering of attorneys, whether it be a bar sponsored meeting or a legal seminar, there are a few tips that will serve you well.

*Decide on your networking goals prior to the event.  A realistic goal may be to meet and speak to at least 3 attorneys you don’t know and to make a connection. 

*Prepare and practice an “elevator speech” which is 2 minutes of introduction to who you are.  For example ” I am originally from Orlando and would like to practice in the family law field. . .”  Also prepare questions you may ask potential contacts, like “are there any organizations you would advise me to join in order to get to know family law attorneys?” Or “how did you decide to practice personal injury law?”.

*Place your legible nametag on your right and high up so it is easily read by your contacts.

*Write hints on business cards about who they are or what you talked about.

*Keep circulating to people you do not know.  If you are having a particularly good conversation with a contact, suggest a follow-up meeting or lunch.

*Follow up in order to build and nurture these new relationships, whether that be connecting on Linkedin, scheduling a future meeting, or writing a thank you note to a contact who spent a little more time with you.