Consider an Elder Law Practice

It only makes sense that as people continue to live longer, there will be a growing and continuous need for elder law attorneys. The 2013 February issue of the Student Lawyer includes the cover story “Exploring Growing Areas of Law”.

The article features two elder law attorneys whose work involves helping families navigate a maze of estate, health care, financial, and other issues faced by their aged loved ones. They point out that it takes a very special personality to practice elder law because very detailed rules are being applied in an emotional and crisis-filled situation. Educating clients is something that they say that they spend a lot of time doing, giving people a very human and practical synopsis of the rules and the law as they apply to their situation.

A trust and estate law course is an introduction into an elder law practice and then students are advised to take further courses in that area as well as a course in tax law.  It is also recommended that you join student divisions of bar association sections in those areas. 

Check out the National Elder Law Foundation ( and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys ( to learn more about this specialized area of law practice.