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Does Making the Grade = Making Partner?

Often, students who lack stellar academic credentials question their ability to succeed in a traditional, competitive law firm environment.  Recent research has shown, however, that success in law firms is not always correlated with your academic pedigree.  As Indiana University Professor Bill Henderson has noted, “in this more competitive environment, [students] need to be personable, collaborative, entrepreneurial, service oriented, and interested in contributing to the collective welfare of the law firm.”  What does this mean for today’s students?  If your academic credentials aren’t dazzling, focus on distinguishing yourself in other ways.  Demonstrate your understanding of the law firm business model, your business development skills, and the intensity of your commitment.  For one-on-one coaching with a career counselor to learn more about the business of law firms and how to distinguish yourself as a candidate, schedule a counseling session with Career Services.

“Law Prof Predicts a ‘New Hierarchy’ of Law Schools,” ABA Journal, November 15, 2010.