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Is This Legal?

One of the most enjoyable parts about practicing law is the constant questions without answers.  In NYC, Mayor Bloomberg recently hinted about a possible ban on the  sale of sugary soft drinks that were a certain size.  The question now is … does he have the right to deny New Yorkers of their grande fraps?  Click here to read the whole article.

Goodbyes In The CSD

The CSD wishes a warm farewell and good luck to our colleague and friend, Kimberly Reid, as she embarks on her next life journey.  Kimberly has done a great job of keeping the Private Practice Blog fresh with her creativity and inspiration.  We have big shoes to fill! 

Let us know if there are things you want to see featured on the Private Practice Blog by emailing us HERE.

Goodbye To Paper

The ABA led an interesting discussion about the growing trend of “paperless” law practices.  Could this be the wave of the future?  Check out the article and start thinking about your own technology skills.  Could you go paper-free?