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Mingle With Judges To Learn More About Firms

The Young Lawyers’ Section of the Jacksonville Bar Association will be hosting a Judicial Breakfast on October 19th at 8:30 a.m. in Room 505 of the State Courthouse.  Both judges and practicing attorneys will be present, so it will be an excellent opportunity to network and learn about the local legal community.  The last breakfast boasted networking with over 30 attorneys and 10 judges.  Remember that law firms love to hire attorneys who have experience working as judicial clerks, so follow up with the judges you meet for informational meetings on how to become a successful judicial clerk.  To make a reservation to attend, please email

An Afternoon At The Courthouse

If you plan to work in the Jacksonville area during your tenure as a student or after graduation, then consider this fabulous opportunity to tour the courthouse sponsored by the Jacksonville Bar Association on November 22nd.  The tour will include an introduction to the various departments and will give you a good frame of reference when you are later sent to the courthouse to file a pleading or to attending a court hearing.  To participate, email

Learn About The Jax Legal Community With The Daily Record

The Daily Record is a newspaper style publication that publishes news, profiles and articles of interest to the Jacksonville business and legal communities.  Also, it is the primary publisher of legal notices in Duval County, which means lawyers use it and read it.  It is published Monday through Friday and is a staple of the Jacksonville legal community.  If you want to learn more about the area’s firms and attorneys, it is a tremendous resource that reports not merely legal events, but trends and nuances of the field.  You can view their website or come by the Career Services Department to review the most recent hard copies.

Join the Jax Bar Softball League!

The Young Lawyers’ Section of the Jacksonville Bar Association is searching for recruits for their Softball League.  To sign up, please email  The first game will be on October 5th, and it will be a fabulous way to get to know other attorneys in a relaxed and casual environment.  In other words, it’s a fun way to NETWORK!!  If you are not already a member of the Jacksonville Bar Association, join as a student for a reduced fee.

Firms Seeks Bankruptcy Associate in Atlanta

Interested in working as an associate for a firm in Atlanta that specializes in Bankruptcy?  If so, go to Symplicity and review the recent job postings.  Our office constantly searches for employment opportunities publicized through bar associations, legal publications, and legal employers.  Each week, we have several new postings, so make it a habit to review new postings in Symplicity at least once a week.

Jax Bar Members Luncheon

The Jacksonville Bar Association will host a Members Luncheon on September 30, 2011 at 12:15 p.m. at the Hyatt Riverfront Downtown.  The speaker will be Professor David Cole of Georgetown University, who will discuss “Lessons from a Decade of the War on Terror.”  For reservations, email  Note that you are allowed to attend as a guest, even if you are not a member.  Simply pay the guest luncheon fee of $40 at the time of check-in.  If you plan to attend multiple bar events, you might consider a student membership, which is available at a reduced rate of $25.  To join as a student member, complete the Application and fax or mail it in with your payment.  If you have questions about membership, call the bar association at 904-399-4486.

If you attend the luncheon, remember to introduce yourself to others and to ask for their business cards.  Then, after the event, follow up with them for informational meetings.

Firm Seeking Part-Time Contract Attorney Near Atlanta

A busy civil litigation firm in Woodstock, Georgia, which is in the Atlanta area, is seeking a part-time contract attorney for twenty to thirty hours a week.  Candidates must have a minimum of two years of civil litigation experience.  To apply, review the job posting in Symplicity.  This is a great opportunity for a recent graduate who has not yet found a full time position.  It will provide you with additional experience for your resume and enable you to make new contacts in the Atlanta area.  If you would like to discuss more about how to pursue such an opportunity, schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor.

Mingle with Firm Leaders At Bar Luncheon With Chief Justice Canady

The Honorable Chief Justice Charles T. Canady of the Supreme Court of the State of Florida will address the Dade County Bar Association on Friday, September 23rd at 11:30 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency in Miami at 400 S.E. Second Avenue.  Non-members may attend for a fee of $55, which is only $10 more than regular members are charged.  To attend, go to to contact the bar association and to make your reservation.  Note that attorneys often make a special effort to attend bar meetings when esteemed members of the Bench will be present, so there will likely be a strong turnout for this presentation and if you plan to attend, you should register immediately.  Remember to ask for business cards from other attorneys you meet so you can follow up with them for informational meetings.

Interested In A Plaintiff’s Practice?

If you are interested in a plaintiff’s practice, consider attending a continuing legal education event designed for such practitioners.  For example, the State Bar of Georgia is hosting “Secrets to a Successful Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Practice” on September 9th from 7:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the State Bar of Georgia’s headquarters in Atlanta.  Register at    Remember to introduce yourself to other attendees and to ask for their cards.  After the event, follow up with them for an informational meeting to learn more about a plaintiff’s practice and whether it is the right fit for you.  Check your State Bar’s calendar each month to learn about more opportunities to interact with attorneys in plaintiff’s practices.

Networking with Small Firms in Atlanta

The Atlanta Bar Association’s Sole Practitioner/Smal Firm Section will be hosting a luncheon on August 25th from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Gordon Biersch in Atlanta.  Register at   This is a fabulous opportunity to get to know local attorneys and to learn more about the area legal market.  If you plan to attend, contact our office to schedule an appointment with a counselor to help prepare you and to discuss how you should follow up with the contacts you meet.  You might also consider calling the Atlanta Bar Association to find out more about the event, get directions in advance, and to discuss appropriate attire.  While there, introduce yourself to the Chair of the Sole Practitioner/Small Firm Section and get his card.  Then follow up with him in a few days to gain his insight regarding the local legal market.