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Consider a Family Law Practice

Most people go to law school because they want to help people, argue in court, or work on sophisticated legal issues.  Most do not belief a family law practice offers that, but they are mistaken.  Helping individuals resolve problems, in contrast to making corporations more money, can be very fulfilling and will show you directly how your legal knowledge and skills can make a difference in someone’s life.  Family law is also a very litigation based practice.  Depending on the jurisdiction you practice in, there should be numerous opportunities to make court appearances, argue motions, or try the whole case, in the event negotiations are not successful.  While many family law cases do not involve sophisticated legal issues, some do, and in those cases, you will be called upon to understand and argue complex business as well as family law issues.  Because you will be dealing directly with people, you will also need a working knowledge of real estate, bankruptcy, will and estates and perhaps even criminal law. 

Because 40 to 50 percent of American marriages end in divorce, long term prospects in this field are excellent.  Family law can and is practiced in every jurisdiction as well.  Family law is not for everybody, but if you want to help people and be in the courtroom, this area may be one for you to consider.

Family Law Panel

Be sure to attend the Family Law Panel TODAY at Noon-1:00 in Room 550! RSVP on Symplicity or send an e-mail to Career Services at now!  The panelists will discuss the challenges, opportunities, typical problems and tasks of lawyers practicing in the area of Family Law. Among other topics, the panelists will explain:  The types of cases they handle, the skills and personality traits that are helpful in practicing Family Law, the opportunities that they have to go to court, the professional organizations that a student can join to meet family law lawyers, the traits that a Family Law firm would look for in hiring a law clerk or an associate, the rewarding and challenging aspects of practicing family law.

The moderator will be Dean/Professor Cynthia Irvin and the panelists will include:

§  Kim Martyn – Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Deputy Director

§  David Garfinkel – GrayRobinson, P.A.

§  Matthew Hunt – Hunt Green & James

§  Ian Hurley – Stone Lockett

 Pizza and refreshments will be served to those who RSVP on Symplicity or send an e-mail to Career Services at by 9:00 a.m. today!

 And remember to RSVP for our all important Resume Workshop coming up this Thursday at Noon in Room 455!