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JBA Offers Mentoring Program

Students who join the Jacksonville Bar Association for $25 will be able to participate in the JBA Mentoring Program.  The Bar has mentors available in several practice areas.  These experienced attorneys can provide guidance in professional matters, answer questions about the actual practice of law in a particular area, and help introduce you to the local legal community.  Join the JBA today and sign up for your mentor!

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Each December, Robert Denney Associates provides its annual assessment of hot practice areas titled “What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession.”  Check out this year’s review and learn more about what areas of the law are growing.  This can be helpful in developing your job search strategy.  In the next few days, I will highlight some of the “red hot” areas.

Learn About The Jax Legal Community With The Daily Record

The Daily Record is a newspaper style publication that publishes news, profiles and articles of interest to the Jacksonville business and legal communities.  Also, it is the primary publisher of legal notices in Duval County, which means lawyers use it and read it.  It is published Monday through Friday and is a staple of the Jacksonville legal community.  If you want to learn more about the area’s firms and attorneys, it is a tremendous resource that reports not merely legal events, but trends and nuances of the field.  You can view their website or come by the Career Services Department to review the most recent hard copies.

Firms Seeks Bankruptcy Associate in Atlanta

Interested in working as an associate for a firm in Atlanta that specializes in Bankruptcy?  If so, go to Symplicity and review the recent job postings.  Our office constantly searches for employment opportunities publicized through bar associations, legal publications, and legal employers.  Each week, we have several new postings, so make it a habit to review new postings in Symplicity at least once a week.

Check Out Symplicity’s Document Library

Symplicity does more than list job postings.  It also has an entire library of documents that are helpful to your career search.  For example, you can find job search checklists that are fabulous tools for guiding your employment search.  To view the documents, log in to Symplicity and click on “Document Library” on the left margin.

50 Best Law Firms for Women

“Working Mother” has produced a list of the top 50 law firms for women, which you can view at   The list is topped by Alson & Bird in Atlanta, and each ranking provides detailed information regarding the firm’s relationship with its female partners and associates.  The details include the number of female partners, maternity leave, and flex time schedules. 

Learning the Atlanta Legal Market

Are you interested in practicing in Atlanta?  If so, there is no greater resource for learning about the Atlanta metropolitan legal community than the “Daily Report.”  This is a daily legal publication that feature legal news primarily for the Atlanta area, although it sometimes includes features on a statewide basis.  It includes job postings and detailed articles regarding key litigation or occurrences in the legal market.  We receive a paper copy of the “Daily Report” each day in the Career Services Department, so feel free to stop by to review them and to chat with me about the Atlanta market.  You can also check out selected portions online at

Choosing Small, Choosing Smart

Donna Gerson, author of “Choosing Small, Choosing Smart,” will address Florida Coastal’s students at a Career Services panel on September 20th.  Ms. Gerson is a well known expert on small firm practice and has a wealth of advice on how to find the firm that is the right fit for you.  So mark your calendars! 

In upcoming blogs, I will highlight some of her key points of advice regarding small firm selection, including the anatomy of a small law firm, how to contact them, and how to get hired.

Salary and Employment Trends in Private Practice

What are recent law school graduates in private practice earning?  Are there more opportunities with small firms or large firms?  What cities and states offer the most employment opportunities?  These questions can all be answered by consulting “Jobs and JD’s: Employment and Salaries of New Law School Graduates,” which is published by the National Association for Law Placement (NALP).   This publication is a valuable resource and planning tool and is the only report of its kind.  “Jobs and JD’s” is available in the Career Services Department and in the library.  If you have never utilized this resource, you may want to schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss how the information you learn impacts your job search.  To schedule a counseling session, call the Career Services Department at (904) 680-7744 or click here.