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Get Involved!

Summer is a great time to participate with your local bar association.  Most bar associations will post a calendar of events on their websites (for example, check out Jacksonville and Tampa).  Take a moment and check out what is going on in your local community.  A great idea for networking and gaining experience in the community where you want to practice!



Is This Legal?

One of the most enjoyable parts about practicing law is the constant questions without answers.  In NYC, Mayor Bloomberg recently hinted about a possible ban on the  sale of sugary soft drinks that were a certain size.  The question now is … does he have the right to deny New Yorkers of their grande fraps?  Click here to read the whole article.

Goodbyes In The CSD

The CSD wishes a warm farewell and good luck to our colleague and friend, Kimberly Reid, as she embarks on her next life journey.  Kimberly has done a great job of keeping the Private Practice Blog fresh with her creativity and inspiration.  We have big shoes to fill! 

Let us know if there are things you want to see featured on the Private Practice Blog by emailing us HERE.

Goodbye To Paper

The ABA led an interesting discussion about the growing trend of “paperless” law practices.  Could this be the wave of the future?  Check out the article and start thinking about your own technology skills.  Could you go paper-free?

What Are Small Firms Looking For?

Small firms look for clerks and associates who are bright, hard-working, articulate, creative, and who have good business sense.  Practical experience through clinics, internships, or any other experiential learning is extremely important, especially if you plan to practice in litigation.  Most small firms need associates who can hit the ground running with a small learning curve.  As such, you should work to obtain a minimum of 400 hours of work experience prior to graduation.  In addition, law firms seek candidates who have roots and connections in the local community.  These connections make you more likely to remain with the firm long term and enable you to better relate to the firm’s attorneys, staff, and clients.

Local Law Firm Seeks 2L for Summer Intern

A local law firm is seeking a qualified 2L to gain valuable legal experience as a summer intern for its Jacksonville office.  They are in immediate need, so this OCI opportunity was just posted, and the deadline to apply is on Sunday.  For more information or to apply, log into Symplicity.  Be sure to update your class status as a 2L so that you can view the OCI. Details are as follows:

Eligible: 2Ls
Position: Summer Legal Intern
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Compensation: Unpaid
Application Material: Resume, Cover Letter, Writing Sample, OCI Agreement Form (found in the Resources tab of Symplicity)
Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, 2012 (OCI will take place on Tuesday, April 24th)
How to Apply: Submit your application via Symplicity.  

**Please note: the employer currently plans on conducting morning interviews, 9:00-Noon on Tuesday, April 24th. Please only apply if your schedule is flexible on Tuesday morning to interview. Students will be notified as to whether or not they receive an interview on Thursday, April 19th.

The Value of Externships

Externships are a great opportunity to obtain legal experience while simultaneously earning academic credit.  The law school has a large number of established externships throughout the country for which you may apply.  In addition, you can create your own externship by finding a non-profit legal employer or government entity willing to allow you to extern.  In addition, you can receive CPE credit for your externship.  Externships are listed in Symplicity.  Apply today or meet with a Career Services Counselor to learn how to create your own opportunity.

Understanding Billable Hours

Students often confuse the terms “hours worked” with “billable hours.”  In a law firm environment, it is important to understand the difference.  The hours worked are the total number of hours that you worked for the firm, whether in administrative, billable, or pro bono capacities.  Your billable hours are the portion of your total hours worked that were actually billable to a client.  If you are negotiating with a firm and have questions about the typical hours worked for associates, be certain you understand which figure you are receiving.