How Hank Williams Jr. Hurt ESPN And The Business of Football

Read Roger Groves’ latest piece at SportsMoney:

Hank Williams Jr. has been a shining example of how football transcends race, culture and class. For the last 22 years, longer than the legendary Howard Cosell, he has opened his country-styled vocal chords and sung a country-styled “Are You Ready for Some Football?”  And Tea Partiers and Hip Hoppers alike immediately salivated on cue to watch Monday Night Football. That is because sports can be a unifying elixir. It is a talisman that magically moves people who have nothing else in common to blissfully share the most popular sport in America.  They share blind of bias because there is a purist charm that hits America in the heart.

I like the way that sounds. But then I wake up. The most recent awakening is courtesy of the Williams’ interview on News Corp.-owned FoxHis recent dose of reality reminds us that no matter what sport-a-nesia we enjoy for the moment, eventually, people’s social baggage is exposed – and it matters.