Breaking down the NCAA bylaw Johnny Manziel is accused of violating

Rick Karcher, a professor at the Center of Law and Sports for the Florida Coastal School of Law, said the issue will be what powers the NCAA has or doesn’t have to coordinate its investigation.

“If he received money, hands-down that violates the provision,” Karcher said. “The real question then is the NCAA doesn’t have the ability to subpoena witnesses and they’re not in a court of law, so the player doesn’t have the due process protections as if they were in a court setting.”

He said the investigation does not fall in the NCAA compliance and enforcement division and would instead be a matter of student-athlete reinstatement. He said Manziel would be able to appeal if an investigation finds that he did knowingly sell his autograph for money.

“It’s impossible to say what’s ultimately going to happen,” Karcher said.

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