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Why People Hate Notre Dame Football

Notre Dame is going to play for college football’s crown jewel – The BCS National Championship. ND is the first to start the season unranked and end up earning a BCS birth. A movie will probably be made about this unimaginable rags-to-riches saga, complete with last-minute victories against all odds. Yet according to my informal unscientific poll of football fans, Brussels sprouts have an approval rating 74% higher than Notre Dame Football.

Roger Groves explains the reasons why at SportsMoney.

Maryland and Rutgers Move to Big Ten: Savvy Realignment or Priorities Misalignment

Maryland and Rutgers are moving to the Big Ten Conference. Whether it’s good or bad depends on whose interests you are trying to protect. If you are a fan steeped in ACC or Big East traditional rivalries you are peeved, perturbed and a little pissed off. If you are the Maryland athletic director or president, you say “Hmm. we have a $4 million athletic budget deficit. We cut 7 sports programs this year as a result. Our choice is to keep those cuts, or move to the Big Ten and restore those programs and achieve financial stability long into the future.”

Read the entire piece by Roger Groves on SportsMoney.

On 40th anniversary of Title IX, girls still lag in Illinois high school sports

Nancy Hogshead-Makar of the Women’s Sports Foundation agreed that girls generally are less willing than boys to serve as bench warmers. But that doesn’t let schools off the hook, she said.

“If you’re providing a girls’ opportunity they’re not interested in, you need to provide a different opportunity,” she said.

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