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College baseball reconsiders murky rule on agents

College baseball players are often drafted players that elect to attend school rather than jump straight into the minor leagues. In that timeframe, many have ‘unpaid advisers’ that gauge their status for free with hopes of securing a contract when the right time comes.

Oftentimes, however, some official work can be done, which jeopardizes the player’s amateur eligibility. For example, Albert Minnis, a Wichita State freshman, is currently serving a 30-game suspension for this.

The Associated Press looks into the NCAA’s stance on this issue and the rule changes it is considering.

Time is running out to avoid NFL lockout of players over labor dispute

The NFL’s contract with the players’ union expires at midnight on Thursday, which could lead to a lockout of the 2011 season, and The Plain Dealer’s Bill Lubinger reports that there are three “likely scenarios once the clock strikes midnight.”

Professor Rick Karcher, however, believes there’s a fourth:

“There’s actually a fourth possibility,” said Rick Karcher, director of the Center for Law and Sports at Florida Coastal School of Law, “which is that they may actually reach an agreement before the end of the day.”

Read more here.

Tennessee, coach Bruce Pearl start season under NCAA cloud

Tennessee’s mens basketball team will begin the season under NCAA investigations of violations from head coach Bruce Pearl and his staff.

Though Pearl did eventually come clean to investigators, Center for Law and Sports director Rick Karcher thinks his early lies might mean the NCAA could come down hard on the Vols coach.

via USA Today:

The possibility looms that the NCAA could come down harder on a coach. “I would say (Pearl’s) lying is worse (than Bryant lying),” says Rick Karcher, law professor and director of the center for law and sports for Florida Coastal School of Law. “(Pearl) is a head coach responsible for rules compliance. In Pearl’s case, not only did he lie, he committed intentional rules violations.”

Gators, other colleges clamp down on high schools using logos

Colleges, including the University of Florida, are beginning to crack down on high schools using trademarked team logos and lettering, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Rick Karcher, a professor of law and the director of the Center for Law and Sports at the Florida Coastal School of Law, said when it comes to trademark law, consumer confusion can be a crucial test. But he added it’s also important to show precedent in defending a logo.

“The more the logo, combined with the colors, is dissimilar, the harder it is for the college to argue that the consumer is confused by the source or affiliation of the mark,” Karcher said. “If there’s no consumer confusion, then there typically isn’t trademark infringement. But I think colleges are getting more protective of their intellectual property and the problem becomes if [they] allow this, someone else will come along and ask why it’s allowed in one context and not another.”

UConn officials to face NCAA over hoops violations

The Associated Press has a story being circulated this morning about University of Connecticut officials that are about to face the NCAA over college basketball violations.

Florida Coastal School of Law Professor Rick Karcher was asked his opinion on what the NCAA could add to the school’s self-imposed sanctions. has the story:

“The self-imposed sanctions are essentially a minimum floor,” he said. “The NCAA may impose more, but they certainly are not going to reduce what the university self-imposed.”

The legal implications of Brett Favre

The hottest topic in the NFL is currently Brett Favre and the allegations of sexual harassment against him. Favre is currently playing for the Minnesota Vikings, while the NFL investigates his conduct.

Many have rushed to the judgment of Favre, but USA Today took a different route, looking into the legal implications of the situation if found guilty.

via USA Today:

“We don’t know what he did and whether it rises to the level of sexual harassment,” said Rick Karcher of the Coastal Law Center for Law and Sports in Jacksonville, Fla. “Everything seems premature with the pictures and e-mails, and that doesn’t mean the league won’t do something because it has wide discretion with its discipline.”

IUPUI: Paying coach Shann Hart $300,000 beat being sued

Professor Rick Karcher is interviewed for this Indianapolis Star story that discusses the situation at IUPUI and former women’s head basketball coach Shann Hart.

IndyStar has the story:

IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz defended his decision to fire women’s basketball coach Shann Hart “without cause” — and pay her about $300,000 — saying Friday that it was better for the university than fighting a protracted legal battle over whether she violated her contract.