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Lee County reacts to Red Sox threat of leaving town

The Boston Red Sox made a threat to leave its spring home in Lee County, Florida. The county responded, selling $81.2 million of bonds to keep the Red Sox in town.

The deal will allow the county to build a new training complex in Fort Myers for the team.

Bloomberg has the story:

Florida’s Lee County sold $81.2 million of bonds to keep an attraction that generates $21 million a year in tourism: the Boston Red Sox.

The debt sold yesterday will finance a new stadium for the club in Fort Myers, 120 miles (194 kilometers) south of Tampa on the west coast of Florida. The securities are backed by a tax on overnight lodging and by lease payments from the Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins, which train at another stadium in the county.

Lawsuits seek to compensate college athletes

Ed O’Bannon and Sam Keller, former NCAA standouts, are trying to force the NCAA to share annual revenues with student-athletes.

Professor Rick Karcher was quoted in an AP story on the issue. The Sports Law Blog, and various other sources, have the story.

Karcher’s take:

“If they are successful, it could mean a lot economically in terms of damages,” said Rick Karcher, who directs the Center for Law and Sports at Florida Coastal School of Law.

Coastal Law fall sports law panel

The entire Florida Coastal School of Law community is invited to come meet the prestigious sports law professors of Coastal Law, Rick Karcher and Nancy Hogshead-Makar. Professors Karcher and Hogshead-Makar will discuss their backgrounds in sports law and sports in the legal profession. There will be a Q&A with the panel and lunch will be served.

September 14, Noon

Room 250

Should EA Sports have to pay for a player’s likeness?

Another player is suing Electronic Arts for using his retired likeness in the Madden video game franchise.

via the Orlando Sentinel:

Retired Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Tony Davis isn’t a fan of the EA Sports Madden NFL video games.

A player on one of Madden’s historic teams looks just like he did when he played in 1979 — same height, weight, age and years of experience. The only difference is the game’s jersey number is 37 instead of 27, according to court records.

Earlier this month, Davis filed a federal lawsuit against Electronic Arts Inc., which develops the popular Madden games at its Tiburon Studios in Maitland. The video-game giant launched Madden 11 on Tuesday with a lot of celebrations, including a concert in New Orleans.

Davis claims EA, which has its main office in Redwood City, Calif., has made millions over the years by using avatars that look like him and 6,000 other retired players without their consent. He wants the court to declare the case a class-action suit and is seeking more than $5 million in damages.

Sports agent laws and doubleheaders

The Associated Press penned a piece stating sports agent laws are rarely being enforced. Rick Karcher, director of the Florida Coastal School of Law Center for Law and Sports program, added his thoughts at the end.

Inside Higher Ed tackles the question as to whether or not the girls and mens teams should switch time slots in scheduled doubleheaders.

A sports conference that always scheduled weekday basketball doubleheaders in which women’s teams played the first game — letting the men play in the later time slot — has altered the practice, after an anonymous sex discrimination complaint charged that this made the women’s games appear to be a “warm-up” act for the men’s games.

Now, hoping to avoid possible gender equity suits, other athletic conferences are considering similar scheduling changes.