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Cinderella Cannot Afford to Pay for National Championships in College Basketball. Michigan and Louisville Can.

“Every season purist lovers of college basketball hope to find a Florida Golf Coast with no money beating a financially-endowed tall cotton program. Eventually, right about final four or no later than the national championship game, reality sets in. The equation we don’t want to admit hits us in the face anew: Big money = Big Program= Final Four= National Champion.”

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Firing Rutgers Coach is not the Solution — Knowing How to Hire Is

“Rutgers men’s basketball coach Mike Rice was fired once his practice videos went public. It showed him playing dodge ball with him distributing all the kill shots, and abusive homophobic anti-gay shots, and pushing and hitting with more adolescent tantrums than the adolescents. And oh by the way, he lost more games than he won this year.

All the discussion has been about four items:”

follow on for the four items and Roger’s take on the situation.

Let’s See How Much Louisville and the NCAA Cares About Kevin Ware

“Louisville coach Rick Pitino said the bone was punched six inches beyond the skin. The reference was to Kevin Ware. The game was not football as you might expect, but basketball in the first half of Louisville’s game against Duke in their battle to go to the Final Four.  His leg is reportedly broken in two places. Pitino shed tears. His teammates on the floor were crying. Yet Ware said “win the game”.   They did.”

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How Parental Responsibility Will Radically Change College Football – Is the Alex Collins National Letter of Intent the Start?

Every year we have certainty about three things: death, taxes, and national signing day. On February 6th annually, virtually every high school football player dreaming of playing in college on a scholarship signs a national letter of intent (NLI). His intent is to be one of the greatest in the world at this uniquely North American job, and it starts with his choice of a school to hone his craft. This time something was different. Alex Collins decided he wanted to play atArkansas. His mother decided he should be closer to home in Florida. Collins initially verbally committed to Miami.

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The Seau Suit against the NFL is Just the Tip of Icy Implications

“The family of Junior Seau has sued the NFL based on findings by the National Institutes of Health that the linebacker had CTE, a disease from traumatic brain injuries linked to depressions and suicides. Seau, at age 43, committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. He played 20 seasons in the NFL and allegedly suffered repeated blows to the head. The first reaction seems to be “these guys choose to play a violent game”. So they assume the risk of head injuries like concussions – a natural consequence of playing that violent game.  And therefore there is no basis for the lawsuits against the NFL.”

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Who’s Been Duped? The Manti Te’o Hoax

“It is hard to know what to believe anymore. We watch movies and cannot tell what is animated through computer aided design and what is real. We used to believe baseball players were not cheating the sport but found out that many of our heroes lied about using performance enhancing drugs. Some people over the decade believed Lance Armstrong’s adamant representations that he was not doping.”

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BCS and Alabama Make History on Many Levels

“Most of us had a choice at 8 pm Monday night: Watch The Antique Road Show, Miss America Secrets Revealed, or the BCS Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame. By halftime, the score was 28-0 and little prospect of a changed circumstance so some of you may have regretted the BCS choice. Not me. Not because of any particular affinity with the school. It’s that we don’t always know then history is being made. When we recognize it, it is wiser to embrace it than ignore it.”

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The Future Will Reveal How Much Jovan Belcher’s NFL Family Cares — And is there Dysfunction in the NFL Family?

“You have heard by now that Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher killed Kasandra Perkins, his girlfriend and mother of his own 3-month old child. He then went to the Chief’s stadium parking lot, talked to the team’s General Manager and Head Coach Romeo Crennel. When the police arrived, Jovan reportedly walked 20 or 30 feet and fatally shot himself in the head. The Chiefs played the next day after a vote of its team captains in consultation with Crennel. They won their first game in 70 days and only the second time this season.

The game is secondary. The decision whether to play game is secondary.  Life and the loss of it are far more important and tragic.”

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Why People Hate Notre Dame Football

Notre Dame is going to play for college football’s crown jewel – The BCS National Championship. ND is the first to start the season unranked and end up earning a BCS birth. A movie will probably be made about this unimaginable rags-to-riches saga, complete with last-minute victories against all odds. Yet according to my informal unscientific poll of football fans, Brussels sprouts have an approval rating 74% higher than Notre Dame Football.

Roger Groves explains the reasons why at SportsMoney.

Maryland and Rutgers Move to Big Ten: Savvy Realignment or Priorities Misalignment

Maryland and Rutgers are moving to the Big Ten Conference. Whether it’s good or bad depends on whose interests you are trying to protect. If you are a fan steeped in ACC or Big East traditional rivalries you are peeved, perturbed and a little pissed off. If you are the Maryland athletic director or president, you say “Hmm. we have a $4 million athletic budget deficit. We cut 7 sports programs this year as a result. Our choice is to keep those cuts, or move to the Big Ten and restore those programs and achieve financial stability long into the future.”

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