Penn State Scandal Shows Courts As The Remedy Of First Resort

Not long ago, there were more traffic lawsuits in Chicago than there were lawsuits in all of Japan. In Japan, it was a badge of honor to be an amicable peacemaker and a badge of disgrace to file a lawsuit for lack of the requite character to avoid it. If there is any doubt about whether the US is still the most litigious nation in the history of the planet, look no further than Planet Penn State. Almost every conceivable group has sued everybody else. I’ll list the lawsuits I remember. Then you tell me how many earnestly attempted to admit their own faults, mediate or arbitrate their differences as a badge of honor.

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How Much Johnny Manziel Loses Per Frat Party Ouster

“It seems like 10 years ago that Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy. Post trophy, he’s had a few well-documented public relations mishaps. He has the daredevil football mentality, and that is inherently risky from a business perspective. Over the weekend he chose to go to a party of a fraternity to which he did not belong. He was ousted before entry …”

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How Sheryl Swoopes’s Pregnancy Changed Professional Sports Forever

In response to the controversy, the NCAA quickly devised a set of gender-neutral guidelines for collegiate athletics programs across the country. Nancy Hogshead-Makar, senior director of advocacy at the Women’s Sports Foundation and author of the guidelines, said that addressing the stigma surrounding student-athlete pregnancy was crucial.

“When we were writing this, two NCAA student-athletes who got pregnant hid the babies, had the babies, and killed the babies–all because there was this shroud of shame,” says Hogshead-Makar. “Athletes on scholarship are usually unmarried and their babies unplanned. Our society is not kind to young women who are pregnant, particularly to women of color, and women without a job. Certainly from a societal perspective, keeping them in school is best.”

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Questionable Ethics By The Judge That Jailed Chad Johnson

“Chad Johnson had been one of the best receivers in the best league of football in the world. He was a six time pro-bowler and had 1,000 receiving yards seven times in his 12 years as a pro as confirmation to his excellence. But he has failed to be as successful in building a team in his personal life.  The only recent success may have been the negotiation of an amicable settlement of the charge that he head butted his former wife – a wife of 41 days before separation and divorce.”

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The Players Championship Was A Bigger Win For Golf Than For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods won his second Players Championship Sunday at the ever-challenging TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium Course.  It took him a dozen years to do so, but only four golfers in history won it twice.  2001 was the last time the #1 player won the Players. It was Tiger Woods then. It was Tiger Woods again.”

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Gender Gap Shrinking Worldwide in Aquatic Sports at Olympic Games

“Women make up 50 percent of the (world) population, so I can’t see any logical reason for women not being 50 percent of the competitors,” said Nancy Hogshead-Makar, the senior director of advocacy at the Women’s Sports Foundation and a 1984 swimming Olympic champion.

Having been a swimmer for many years, Hogshead-Makar said she saw firsthand how other sports can emulate swimming, with nearly the same number of males and females training together in the pool at the same time. She also noted that the United States’ above-average number of females can be attributed to sports being an integral part of the education system, which few countries do. The foundation’s work with enforcing Title IX in high school and college athletics has also played a part in promoting athletic participation among women, Hogshead-Makar said.

“It gives us a vision of what sports could be and makes us want that globally,” she said.

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