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The NBA Quiet Buy-Sell Success in New Orleans

“The business formula is not new – buy low and sell high. We are just not used to hearing about the NBA being the business using it. The NBA bought the struggling New Orleans Hornets in December 2010 for $318 million. Last month, the NBA has agreed with New Orleans Saints’ owner Tom Benson to transfer ownership for $338 million. How would you like to make $20 million in less than two years?”

Read Roger Groves’s latest piece at SportsMoney.

NCAA conferences, Ohio State and the NBA

The latest SportsMoney columns from Coastal Law Professor Roger Groves tackle the stories surrounding the NCAA conference realignments, Ohio State’s sanctions and a potential economic crisis for the NBA. Follow the links to give each a read:

Ohio State, LeBron and the Dodgers, oh my

Roger Groves uses his column at SportsMoney to dissect a wide range of sports topics involving the law. In his latest posts, he tackles different issues regarding LeBron James, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Check the links below:

Ohio State:

LeBron James:

Los Angeles Dodgers: