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NCAA conferences, Ohio State and the NBA

The latest SportsMoney columns from Coastal Law Professor Roger Groves tackle the stories surrounding the NCAA conference realignments, Ohio State’s sanctions and a potential economic crisis for the NBA. Follow the links to give each a read:

Xavier-Cincinnati Fight Highlights Hypocrisy Of Violence In Sports

The finale of the Xavier/Cincinnati basketball game over the weekend left a bad taste in the NCAA’s mouth. The fight has led to suspensions for numerous players and harsh words from the respective coaches.

In his latest post at SportsMoney, Professor Roger Groves says the fight “highlights hypocrisy of violence in sports“.

What has happened to college sports?

The Chronicle of Higher Education is asking, “What the Hell Has Happened to College Sports? And What Should We Do About It?”

In its piece, The Chronicle has asked a few noted people to give their opinions. In Nancy Hogshead-Makar’s piece, she says you need to “Tie Money to Values”.

I have long wondered what the tipping point in intercollegiate athletics would be. Either it would move from the untethered pursuit of money and entertainment toward a model consistent with the soul of higher education, or it would separate from higher education and become professional. The time has arrived for us to move in one direction or the other.

Read the entire piece here.

The Penn State Scandal Raises Far Bigger Transparency Issues

If the recent allegations against Penn State administrators and coaches are true, Professor Roger Groves says that it “should force us to think about the vulnerability of 440,000 student athletes when under the tutelage and quasi-custodial care of coaches.”

One issue that comes to mind is this: Shouldn’t the teenagers recruited and wooed by the school, and the teenagers’ parents be able to receive a report from the school confirming the physical and mental health of the coaches before they decide whether to commit the four most important years of the teenager’s life to the school? And shouldn’t the teenagers and parents receive an assurance that the university has a system of monitoring the coaches that they employ and send as agents on their behalf? I think so.

Read more at SportsMoney.

What The NCAA Needs: Pro Mentors, Corporate Incentives And Technology

Roger Groves takes a look at one of the NCAA’s biggest problems when it comes to student athletics. And according to Groves, “there are a few issues that seem obvious (to me) that no one seems to want to address.”

I have a few suggestions or considerations. One seeks to inspire players to do the right thing. The other is more drastic, borrowing from criminology and technology. That’s for those who still don’t get it.

Read on for his full analysis at SportsMoney.