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Legal issues add bumps along Texas A&M’s road to SEC

Conference realignment in the NCAA is heating up again, this time with Texas A&M at the forefront as it looks to escape the Big 12 for greener pastures in the SEC>

USA Today’s Kelly Whiteside analyzes the legal implications of such a move.

Coastal Law Dean Peter Goplerud, a noted sports law expert, offers to courses of action he thinks schools could take.

Universities could accuse the SEC of tortious interference with an existing contract or claim A&M breached its contract in terms of its agreement with other Big 12 universities.

Lawyers who know NCAA think that OSU on right track

“Does Ohio State University go far enough with its self-imposed sanctions, including vacating its 2010 football season?” asks The Columbus Dispatch’s Encarnacion Pyle and Tim May.

Center for Law and Sports director Rick Karcher offers his opinion.

“It’s like making a criminal defendant tell the judge to throw the book at him. At this point of the game, you don’t want to overpenalize yourself,” said Richard Karcher.

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Ohio State, LeBron and the Dodgers, oh my

Roger Groves uses his column at SportsMoney to dissect a wide range of sports topics involving the law. In his latest posts, he tackles different issues regarding LeBron James, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Check the links below:

Ohio State:

LeBron James:

Los Angeles Dodgers:

Softball likely a key issue in Ball State University’s case

via The Star Press: ‘The program is operating without a locker room, as players sometimes change clothes in parking lot’

Doug Zaleski reports that while the softball team changes in the parking lot, the baseball team recently remodeled its locker room for about $40,000.

Professor Hogshead-Makar was able to chime in on the situation in regards to Title IX.