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Eat, Prey, and Love: Junior Seau And Another Wake Up Call For Parents Of Child Players

We have a culture that breeds love for football. By the time a child with extraordinary talent reaches puberty, that talent is likely to be revealed, exulted, and exploited. Most parents would welcome the adulation, free college education, and instant millionaire status as a windfall for child and parents alike. Or so it seems.

Read the rest of Professor Groves’s piece at SportsMoney.

How Hank Williams Jr. Hurt ESPN And The Business of Football

Read Roger Groves’ latest piece at SportsMoney:

Hank Williams Jr. has been a shining example of how football transcends race, culture and class. For the last 22 years, longer than the legendary Howard Cosell, he has opened his country-styled vocal chords and sung a country-styled “Are You Ready for Some Football?”  And Tea Partiers and Hip Hoppers alike immediately salivated on cue to watch Monday Night Football. That is because sports can be a unifying elixir. It is a talisman that magically moves people who have nothing else in common to blissfully share the most popular sport in America.  They share blind of bias because there is a purist charm that hits America in the heart.

I like the way that sounds. But then I wake up. The most recent awakening is courtesy of the Williams’ interview on News Corp.-owned FoxHis recent dose of reality reminds us that no matter what sport-a-nesia we enjoy for the moment, eventually, people’s social baggage is exposed – and it matters.

NFL deal ‘probably better for small-market teams’

Ashley Gurbal, of Jacksonville Business Journal, is reporting that the NFL’s new deal will ‘probably be better for small-market teams.’ Jacksonville fans hope that means good things for the hometown Jaguars.

Professor Rick Karcher gave his insight to Gurbal at the beginning of the lockout, so she came back to Karcher for his thoughts on the final deal.

“I would say that it is probably a better deal for the smaller market teams than the old deal was,” Karcher said, “in terms of the amount of money that was required to be allocated to players.”

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