What’s Going on in IT

Coastal Law’s IT department has a new associate, David Miller, who is our Systems Engineer. David’s role covers many behind the scenes IT systems and services which include networking components such as email, wireless network, network servers and infrastructure.

A project this year is upgrading 17 classrooms in an effort to ensure reliability at the same time simplifying the controls of the room. Our first rooms will be upgraded starting this month which will include iPad tablets and brighter projectors along with a new sound system.

As a reminder, we have installed two color scanners and a fax machine in the student computer lab. We have also upgraded all of the machines in the lab with new faster hard drives and added additional memory to increase the performance of the computers.

Spotlight: Thomas Gwyn

Spotlight – Computer Support Specialist, Thomas Gwyn

Thomas Gwyn, Computer Support Specialist is our spotlight for this issue.

Thomas was born in Durham, NC, and raised in Clewiston, FL. From the first time he took apart his Nintendo Entertainment System, to building his first computer, he has been fascinated with computers and electronics throughout his life.

Thomas has received an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. He has also completed his A+ and Network+ certifications.

At Florida Coastal, he is responsible for the creation and deployment of all faculty and staff computer images, along with assisting in the day to day maintenance of computer hardware and the telephone system.

In his spare time he enjoys playing computer games, canoeing, tennis, and eating good food.

It is that time of year – everyone is starting to think about their ALWR! Are you?

Do you need help finding a topic for your ALWR?

Do you need help finding resources for you ALWR?

Do you need help citing the resources you are using in your ALWR?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, come to the
Library. The Librarians are ready to help you look for a topic that is
interesting and relevant. Once you have a topic, there are lots and lots
of resources in the Library and available through the Library databases
to help you. Finally, Librarians love the Bluebook (well at least we
love to help with the Bluebook) and are ready to help you with the tough
citation questions.

We’re here to help! Come by, call us at 680-7612 or contact us through
Ask A Librarian.

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Word 2011 for Mac

A student was typing a paper using Microsoft Word for Mac (2011) and midway
through his entire document changed to asterisks – because he hadn’t saved any
of today’s work, he lost it all. In an online search I came across the Office
for Mac forum and this is a known issue that Microsoft developers are
currently working to resolve. Their only solution in the meantime is frequent
saves. I know that is just good practice anyway, but we have a lot of students
writing papers so I thought it might be a good idea to add a reminder to save
the document frequently (in Mac it is Command + S) and maybe warn them about
the issue. Here is a link to the Office for Mac forum discussing issue -

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ExamSoft Training

Academic Technology will be holding ExamSoft Workshops for students in March
(please see the scheduled dates/times below). If you are interested in
learning how this software can benefit you, please consider attending one of
the workshops. For Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 admits, please note that you are
required to attend a workshop in order to use the software. If you previously
attended a ExamSoft Workshop you are not be required to attend again.

ExamSoft for Windows Monday, March 21 from 2p-3p in room 250
ExamSoft for Mac Tuesday, March 22 from 12p-1p in room 425
ExamSoft for Mac Wednesday, March 23 from 5p-6p in room 465
ExamSoft for Windows Thursday, March 24 from 12:30p-1:30p in room 465
ExamSoft for Windows Friday, March 25 from 3:30p-4:30p in room 425

Note – While it is encouraged that each student brings their laptop to the
workshop, a laptop is not required in order to attend. Please be sure to bring
the appropriate laptop cords; if you have a network cable, it is wise to use
that. Please contact MaryBeth Evans if you have any
questions or concerns regarding the workshop requirement.

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Academic Technology Training

Academic Technology would like to offer you the opportunity to learn about the
technology available to you here at Florida Coastal School of Law.

To ensure that we are offering you the training that you need to be
successful, please take a few moments to respond to this short survey.

Please take this survey.

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Three Things the Library Has That Can Help With Your Midterm Exams

  1. Study aids – make sure that you look in the catalog using the search term study aid.  We have helpful material for almost all subjects.
  2. CALI – look at CALI for lessons on all kinds of legal topics.  There is a log on required.  Go here to get the log on and find CALI.
  3. Group spaces and quiet places – you can get a study room (remember to book it in advance) for a group or you can go to the First Floor for a quiet place to study.  It is a silent zone.
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Spotlight on… A day in the life of a librarian OR how we help assist with research skills!

Our intrepid hero, the librarian, starts the day most heroes do, usually with a cup of coffee and by brushing up on new legal resources and techniques by reading blogs, research magazines and law related material.

But what’s that?  A knock on the door of the office?  It’s a student, one who needs help with finding a case, or a statute or with citation!  And our hero immediately jumps into action – helping with student questions is what the librarian is here for.  Ask away!

Assisting that student with research skills is just the beginning of a steady stream of research questions.  The librarian is at the Reference Desk, where student come with questions from ‘Can you help me with the copier?’ (Answer: ‘Of course!’) to ‘Where do I find a secondary source in Arkansas?’ (the answer to that is a little more complicated).  Those questions come from people at the library, from people emailing the reference desk, and from phone calls, some even from the 1st floor ‘research hotline’ phone.  Then the librarian ventures out to the 4th Floor knowledge bar (as one of the hero librarians does every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:45-1:45) to answer more questions.  ‘How do I get to Room 415?’ (Answer: ‘It’s right there’) to ‘Do you have study aids for Contracts?’ (Answer: ‘Yes we do.’).

The librarian’s day is hardly half over, with many things still to do, including conducting a workshop in the Library, then teaching more research skills in a class.  Finally, our hero finishes the day back in the library showing a prospective student around, answering a couple last questions on how to use the Bluebook and possibly having a final cup of coffee before putting the last book away and heading home.

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Take Screenshots on the Mac

Windows users generally know that you can use the, hereto useless, “Print Screen” button to take full screen shots (or Control + Print Screen for the active window).  So, how do Mac users take screenshots?  There are a number of programs on both Windows and Mac that allow for some fine-grained control over snapping these images, but what about built in?

For Mac users, the combination of Command (⌘) + Shift + 3 will take a full screen screenshot and put a picture on your desktop with the time and date of the snap.  For finer control, you can use Command(⌘) + Shift + 4 to get a selection tool that you can then drag over the items you want.  As a bonus, if you then hit the spacebar, you can get a selection for per-window screenshots.  Neat!

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