ExamSoft Training

Academic Technology will be holding ExamSoft Workshops for students in March
(please see the scheduled dates/times below). If you are interested in
learning how this software can benefit you, please consider attending one of
the workshops. For Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 admits, please note that you are
required to attend a workshop in order to use the software. If you previously
attended a ExamSoft Workshop you are not be required to attend again.

ExamSoft for Windows Monday, March 21 from 2p-3p in room 250
ExamSoft for Mac Tuesday, March 22 from 12p-1p in room 425
ExamSoft for Mac Wednesday, March 23 from 5p-6p in room 465
ExamSoft for Windows Thursday, March 24 from 12:30p-1:30p in room 465
ExamSoft for Windows Friday, March 25 from 3:30p-4:30p in room 425

Note – While it is encouraged that each student brings their laptop to the
workshop, a laptop is not required in order to attend. Please be sure to bring
the appropriate laptop cords; if you have a network cable, it is wise to use
that. Please contact MaryBeth Evans if you have any
questions or concerns regarding the workshop requirement.