What’s Going on in IT

Coastal Law’s IT department has a new associate, David Miller, who is our Systems Engineer. David’s role covers many behind the scenes IT systems and services which include networking components such as email, wireless network, network servers and infrastructure.

A project this year is upgrading 17 classrooms in an effort to ensure reliability at the same time simplifying the controls of the room. Our first rooms will be upgraded starting this month which will include iPad tablets and brighter projectors along with a new sound system.

As a reminder, we have installed two color scanners and a fax machine in the student computer lab. We have also upgraded all of the machines in the lab with new faster hard drives and added additional memory to increase the performance of the computers.

Spotlight: Thomas Gwyn

Spotlight – Computer Support Specialist, Thomas Gwyn

Thomas Gwyn, Computer Support Specialist is our spotlight for this issue.

Thomas was born in Durham, NC, and raised in Clewiston, FL. From the first time he took apart his Nintendo Entertainment System, to building his first computer, he has been fascinated with computers and electronics throughout his life.

Thomas has received an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. He has also completed his A+ and Network+ certifications.

At Florida Coastal, he is responsible for the creation and deployment of all faculty and staff computer images, along with assisting in the day to day maintenance of computer hardware and the telephone system.

In his spare time he enjoys playing computer games, canoeing, tennis, and eating good food.

Take Screenshots on the Mac

Windows users generally know that you can use the, hereto useless, “Print Screen” button to take full screen shots (or Control + Print Screen for the active window).  So, how do Mac users take screenshots?  There are a number of programs on both Windows and Mac that allow for some fine-grained control over snapping these images, but what about built in?

For Mac users, the combination of Command (⌘) + Shift + 3 will take a full screen screenshot and put a picture on your desktop with the time and date of the snap.  For finer control, you can use Command(⌘) + Shift + 4 to get a selection tool that you can then drag over the items you want.  As a bonus, if you then hit the spacebar, you can get a selection for per-window screenshots.  Neat!

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