Thanks to a course I took in law school and Professor Groves' International Business Transactions course, I was able to help our global freight forwarding RFP team understand the international transportation conventions and national transportation laws referenced in the contracts we'll be entering with our new freight forwarders. The team…thought to ask me for help because they knew I was taking transportation law courses and had this background.  Before the first year of the program is over I have already been able to provide value to my employer because of this program.

-Christopher G.,  employed by a Fortune 100 Manufacturer

I’ve worked in the transportation industry the majority of my career.   I was in a meeting with our Corporate Attorneys this past Wednesday and the insight and knowledge I had to share literally turned their heads.  When they asked me where I gained such insight and knowledge, I sat up a little straighter in my chair and advised “I am an Administrative Law for Transportation Professionals Certification candidate at Florida Coastal School of Law.”

-Yolanda T,  employed by a Large Multi-national Logistics Provider

This program is truly unique and provides a valuable learning opportunity.

From Administrative Law for Transportation Professionals to Customs Law, each class has been exciting, informative, and given me the special knowledge and confidence that will allow me to grow as an attorney in the future, specifically in the area of transportation and logistics.  The program's professors are highly skilled and accomplished.

-Hillary P.,  Consultant and LL.M. in Logistics and Transportation student.

My experience as a student in the Certificate of Transportation Regulation program has been extremely rewarding-every professor is a highly respected professional in the industry and is able to provide both the authoritative and current insight into the subject matter as well as real world experience in using the information being taught.  After 15 years in transportation, I am thrilled to be able to continue my education and learn more in depth about the industry and current issues and trends which enable me to better serve my customers.

-Kristina L.,  Global Container Traffic Provider

 I’d like to express my support for the Florida Coastal School of Law and their innovative Transportation and Logistics Law program. Lifelong learning and obtaining credentials in the logistics and transportation industry is essential to being successful in today's global marketplace. The knowledge I have gained in the program has opened up new career advancement and networking opportunities. Modules such as Dredging and Marine Construction and Contracting Fundamentals for the Department of Defense has helped me better understand the behind the scenes legal aspect of all the work that goes into moving goods and products globally. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about going into the transportation industry to obtain this very valuable certification.

 -Aisha E.,  JAXPORT



You decide the number of credits you will take each term, and the time of day you will view the lessons and submit questions and assignments. No matter what time zone you are in, you can get the most advanced training available in the field of transportation and logistics law.

All programs are offered entirely online and can be completed on the students’ schedule 24 hours a day, seven days a week.