Media Policy

Updated August 2011

Interviews Concerning Florida Coastal School of Law Proprietary and all other Business Matters

In accordance with Florida Coastal School of Law’s media policy, reporter inquiries regarding school policies, procedures, or any other proprietary information are to be directed to the school's Institutional Advancement department. Typically, the dean and vice dean are the only staff authorized to speak to policies, procedures and proprietary business information about Florida Coastal.

Faculty Legal Source Interviews

The school has an open media policy that allows and encourages professors to speak on law topics and legal trends when appropriate and within their expertise.

Faculty members directly contacted by the media about matters related to the law, policy issues, or other matters not related to school itself, are authorized to respond by phone or in person if they choose, without communications department approval.

However, interviews conducted on campus (taped or live TV interviews or print interviews) are to be coordinated and approved by the Marketing and Communications Department prior to being conducted. The Marketing and Communications Department will help you facilitate the interviews and work with the media outlet to make sure they have the correct information about the school and how to conduct themselves appropriately while on our campus. Unauthorized media may be escorted off campus per the discretion of campus security.

For more information about these policies please email