Degree Audit Checklist

The Degree Audit is used to determine the student's progress towards completing the degree requirements necessary to earn the Juris Doctor degree. A student can track his/her own progress via the degree audit checklist.

PLEASE NOTE: Since we have a variety of courses that meet the ALWR, it is not posted on the degree audit in your student portal. We have you complete the ALWR declaration form and then double check it against the professor grade sheets to confirm that you have satisfied the requirement.
The same is true for the skills requirement. They are not posted on the degree audit in your student portal.  When doing your degree certification, we identify which courses have satisfied the requirement .
****Please use the Graduation Audit link in your student portal along with the checklist to ensure that you are on track for graduation.


Fall 2006 through Spring 2013 admits (Skills) Curriculum Requirements-90 credits

Fall 2013 admits and after Curriculum Requirements - 93 credits

Summer Fast Track Curriculum Requirements - 90 credits

Degree Audit questions can be directed to