Spring Benefits

  • Get a more personalized orientation. Spring entering classes tend to be smaller and their orientations are that much more individualized. Make the most of opportunities to ask questions and tailor information sessions to your specific interests.
  • Make friends fast. Spring classes get to know each other more quickly and often make connections that last them through law school and well into practice.
  • Make a smooth transition. When our spring entering class arrives at Coastal Law, most of our students have settled into life inside and outside of class. Your first semester will start off with relative ease.
  • Apply for free. Admission into the spring entering class is on a rolling basis – no deadlines, no cost to submit your application.
  • Required to take Summer Classes. Each student beginning in the spring is required to take summer classes in order to stay ahead with the fall class with the hopes of graduating is less than three years.
  • Financial Aid is Available.  Financial Aid is available to all students for both the spring and summer sessions.

In addition to the spring benefits, learn more about how Coastal Law is unmatched in our investment in student support and success in and after law school.