October 2009 Faculty Highlights


Faculty Highlights
  • Professor Susan Harthill
Professor Susan Harthill spoke about the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008 at the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission's October lunch and learn program.  Also in October, Professor Harthill moderated a Career Services panel on Employment and Labor Law.

  • Professor Nancy Hogshead-Makar
In April, the Florida High School Athletic Association (“FHSAA”) passed a rule that would cut 20% to 40% of all Florida high school sports’ competitive schedules – except football. After some consideration, competitive cheer was added to the list of those cut.  But this left almost 30% of boys exempt from the cuts, with less than 5% of girls.  Led by Professor Hogshead-Makar, Leslie Goller, Wayne Hogan and David Baron represented “Florida Parents for Athletic Equity” to repeal the inequitable cuts. Eventually, the attorneys were forced to file a lawsuit in federal court, Cook v. FHSAA. On October 21st the federal district court entered an order that incorporated the terms of the settlement agreement and retaining jurisdiction over the case until December 2010. The settlement agreement returns all sports to their prior maximum on competitive schedules. The other three states around the country that enacted the same type of cuts have not been repealed.     To date, there have been over 300 newspaper articles about the litigation, and numerous radio and television stories as well.
On September 25, Professor Hogshead-Makar was the keynote speaker at the Florida Association of District School Superintendent’s meeting in Tampa, Florida.  Her topic was Title IX and Florida Educational Equity Act Compliance for Florida School Districts. She was joined by Neena Chaudhry, Senior Counsel at the National Women’s Law Center in Washington, D.C.    
Professor Hogshead-Makar gave a presentation at the Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture’s 4th Biennial Symposium, What Does it Mean to be an Educated Woman, in honor of Professor Jean O'Barr on October 31, 2009.
Professor Hogshead-Makar released a report as part of her work as the Title IX Advisor at the University of Colorado at Boulder in September 2009.  http://www.colorado.edu/news/downloads/TitleIXReport.pdf
Professor Hogshead-Makar was re-appointed co-chair of an American Bar Association Committee on the Rights of Women in October, 2009.

  • Professor Jana McCreary
Professor Jana R. McCreary has been selected to participate in the New Scholars Workshop at the annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools in Palm Beach, Florida in August, 2010.  Professor McCreary will present her current work-in-progress, Shhhh, Don’t Tell . . . Unless the Church Allows:  The Chaotic Intersection of Ecclesiastical Immunity and Patient–Therapist Confidentiality (and the need for an APA Crossing Guard).
  • Professor Lynn McDowell
Professor Lynn McDowell served as a member of the ABA site evaluation team that visited Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, VA from October 25th to 28th.
  • Professor David Pimentel
David Pimentel’s latest article Rule of Law Reform Without Cultural Imperialism:  Reinforcing Customary Justice through Collateral Review in South Sudan has successfully completed the peer review process, and has been accepted for publication in The Hague Journal on Rule of Law, the premier journal in the “rule of law” field.
  • Professor Lucille Ponte
Prof. Lucille Ponte presented at two October CLE seminars, To Click or Not to Click? Key IP Issues Facing Clients Using Websites, for the Jacksonville Bar Association, and Examining Key IP & Contract Issues in the Development of Client Websites at Coastal Law’s 2009 Alumni Weekend. She addressed key clauses in drafting web site terms of use and recent legal challenges based onmutual assent, unconscionability and violations of public policy.
  • Professor Bradley Shannon
Professor Shannon's article, Overruled by Implication, has been published at 33 Seattle U. L. Rev. 151 (2009).
  • Professors Rod Sullivan
Professor Sullivan was quoted in the newspaper Florida Today as an expert in the law of pilotage.
Professor Sullivan attended the ABA Law Student Division’s 2009 Fall Leadership Summit (October 2-4) and participated as part of a panel entitled “Definition of a Leader in the Legal Profession.”
  • Professor Sarah Sullivan
Professor Sarah Sullivan co-presented with Gabriella Ruiz of Southern Legal Counsel and Nancy Wright of Three Rivers Legal Services on “Past, Present and Future of Agency for Persons With Disabilities,” at the annual Florida Voice of the Developmentally Disabled Conference on October 31, 2009 at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.  Specifically, the three attorneys discussed the implementation and roll-out of the four-tiered Medicaid waiver re-design mandated by 2007 legislative changes and how those changes, and subsequent law suits, are affecting developmentally disabled persons in Florida.
Professor Sullivan conducted a pro se legal clinic for family members of developmentally disabled children at ARC Jacksonville in September and October.  In 2008, the Florida Legislature amended Florida Statute §393.12 to allow individuals seeking a guardian advocacy to represent themselves.  Clinic student, Vanessa Ramirez, assisted Professor Sullivan in drafting forms to use in the pro se clinic.  Another clinic is scheduled in November and three clinics will be scheduled for the spring semester.  To date, over 30 families have received assistance through the program.
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