Coastal Law and Davis College of Business announce JD/MBA Dual Degree Program

The Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University (JU) and Florida Coastal School of Law (Coastal Law) have created a joint degree program through which qualified individuals may enroll in the Coastal Law J.D. and the Davis MBA programs simultaneously.

By allowing a number of courses to satisfy requirements in both programs at the same time, the time required to earn both degrees is shortened. Students in the dual degree program may obtain both degrees in 4 years, compared to the five years it would take to earn both degrees if pursued separately. Part-time students typically can complete both degrees in five years.

 The following points provide important information about the JD/MBA program:

  • Applicants must meet the entrance requirements for both Coastal Law and Davis and be accepted into each institution. This means that students will have to take both the LSAT and the GMAT. Additionally, a dual degree enrollment form, approved by each school, will be required. Admission to one program does not guarantee that the applicant will be admitted to the other. Applications are welcome from students with baccalaureate degrees in any field.
  • Once you have been formally accepted by both programs, you should consult with academic advisors at Coastal Law and Davis to plot out your individual program. While the specific program structure and requirements are determined for each student through individual consultation, there is a basic format common to all students. Normally, the first year is spent entirely at Coastal Law. Course work in subsequent years is distributed between law and business courses sequenced in a manner to achieve integrated progression in the two fields. 
  • Davis requires 35 credits (43 credits if business Foundation Courses are required) of MBA coursework to earn the MBA degree 90 credits to earn the J.D. degree. Under the J.D./MBA program, students may use 9 credits of transfer work toward each program. 
  • Of the 9 credits transferred from the Law School to the MBA Program, three must be in the International Law area, 3 must be an ethics course and the other 3 can be any other J.D. elective. The total number of hours required for the MBA degree will depend upon a student’s need for prerequisite courses. Those with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business administration normally require 8 additional credit hours of Foundation Courses. 
  • The 9 credits of MBA coursework students may use towards their J.D. degree must come from courses other than Foundation Courses.
  • The actual grades earned in the nine credits taken at Davis towards JD degree will not be factored into the student’s Coastal Law grade point average. As long as the student earns the grade of “C” or better in the MBA courses, these transfer courses and credits will be noted on the student’s Coastal Law transcript with the notation, “T” plus the grade earned in that course at Davis, e.g. TB+ or TA-. The reverse is true for the nine credits earned at Coastal Law towards the MBA degree. The actual grades earned in the nine credits taken at FCSL towards MBA degree will not be factored into the student’s Davis grade point average. As long as the student earns the grade of “C” or better in the JD courses, these transfer courses and credits will be noted on the student’s Davis transcript with the grade of “Transfer.” 
  • Students must complete the requirements to earn the J.D. degree no later than six years of enrollment at Coastal Law. Since both schools offer courses during the summer, students may accelerate the program by attending summer sessions. Law school required courses are offered during the day only, but elective courses are offered in both the day and evening. MBA courses are held on the Davis College of Business campus.
  • Students must register and pay tuition at the schools offering the courses in which they are enrolled each semester. If you are paying for courses with financial aid, Florida Coastal will be the “home” school and will award all federal aid for the joint degree program.  JU will submit a consortium agreement for any classes taken at JU so that the cost of the courses can be included in the financial aid award. The loan proceeds will be disbursed to Florida Coastal and any tuition and fees owed to FCSL will be deducted.  Remaining funds will be released to the student, and the student will be expected to pay JU for any courses taken in the MBA program.

For more information contact:

Bethany Reich
Asst. Dean of Academic Affairs
(904) 680-7659

Mary Boggs
Business Graduate Program Advisor
(904) 256-7188