Service Plus Expo Results


 Did we miss you at our Service Plus Expo? If so, click the headline above to learn how each school department has improved this year.

  Academic Affairs

·         Reformulated attendance policies, and worked with students affected by the H1N1 virus to ensure classes were podcast and compliance with course attendance policies was waived.
·         Instituted a semi-annual Deans’ Commendation Reception to recognize and celebrate Deans’ Scholars and Book Award winners. 
·         Restructured and reinstituted a student-faculty/J.D. staff mentoring program to enhance academic advising, career advising, and mentoring opportunities for students.
·         Improved new student orientation programming by adding more professionalism elements.  Additionally, orientation presentations were made available online for more convenient viewing than in previous years.
·         Instituted a new system for creating Academic Calendars to provide multicultural organizations and the SBA opportunities to review them for conflicts with religious holidays and other important dates.
Academic Success
·         Created an Academic Success SharePoint site to make department resources readily available to students
·         Redesigned the Academic Success curriculum for incoming 1Ls in response to student feedback
·         Enhanced the bar coaching program to support out-of-state exam takers
·         Increased the number of sections offered for both Advanced Florida Bar Studies and MBE Strategies to meet demand
·         Redesigned the Academic Success suite to include study rooms for student use
·         Streamlined the orientation online vodcasts to enhance student engagement and answer critical questions prior to arrival on campus
Academic Technology
·         Offered alternative exam options for students who have Macs so they may use ExamSoft for their exams.
·         Offer multiple ExamSoft workshops each semester to accommodate the students’ various schedules.
·         Introduced Elluminate Live! as an option for faculty to offer virtual classes as an option in case of emergency.
·         Created classroom technology “menu boards” to aid students and faculty in using classroom technology
·         Automated the end-of-course evaluation process to ensure student anonymity.
Admissions Department
·         Implemented a new software and database system to allow Admissions to post application status and document needs online in real time to better assist applicants and admitted students.
·         Enhanced student tours to include opportunities to attend actual classes and to meet current students and professors.
·         Created “Dining with Dexter” - dinner receptions designed to allay anxieties and to help prospective students select their law school. The event provides opportunities to ask candid questions, meet alumni, and to meet possible classmates.
·         Expanded Yield Recruitment efforts to include all constituents from within the Coastal Community in an effort to be more proactive in reaching out to prospective candidates.
·         Revamped our minority recruitment efforts to include a book scholarship for those attendees ultimately matriculating at Coastal Law.
Alumni Affairs
·         Created an alumni chapter system to provide networking groups all over the country to students upon graduation.
·         Identified key markets students indicate they will return to and prioritized those markets as future alumni chapters.
·         Created CoastalConnect, an online community for graduates to keep in touch, assist with mentoring and networking, refer clients and add value to their degrees.
·         Increased student-alumni interaction at premiere events like Alumni Weekend to show the growth of student involvement at the school and to connect students with alumni.
·         Developed a process to connect students to alumni around the country, who offer feedback and analysis of the legal market, employment assistance, and bar exam tips.
·         Offered online registration for student events that have resulted in revenue to school organizations.
Career Services Department 
·         Developed a 1L job readiness curriculum designed to serve as a step-by-step career plan.
·         Created an on-line form students may use to schedule appointments with one of our career counselors.
·         Visited more than 200 Florida law firms, met with federal government and public interest recruiters nationwide, and began identifying opportunities for students who want to pursue alternative legal careers.
·         Collaborated with the SBA to create regional Networking Clubs for students interested in working in a wide variety of geographies across the United States.
·         Met with executive directors and presidents of bar associations across the country to develop collaborative programs for Coastal Law students and their organizations.
·         Processed student stipend checks during the first week of class in order to get funds to students as quickly as possible.
·         Enhanced pre-bill functionality and posted on the student portal earlier so students can have a greater understanding of amounts received and owed in a more clear and timely manner.
·         Updated and clarified important dates and procedures on the website and plasma screens to increase timely communication to students.
·         Updated orientation financial information presentation to include samples and links to related tutorials so students can better understand their financial information.
·         Increased customer service expectations so all staff understand the importance of greeting every student immediately with a smile and owning every request until students understand their situation.
Financial Aid
·         Redesigned Financial Aid Handbook to be more student friendly and easier to read, while increasing the amount of information offered to help students understand the financial aid process.
·         Nearly doubled the size of our staff to provide better service when you need us.
·         Added a bulletin board to the lobby of the Financial Aid Office to further promote scholarship opportunities.
·         Rearranged the seating area in the Financial Aid Office to make it more comfortable and inviting.
·         Improved customer service by verbally greeting students with a smile.
IT Department
·         Updated all furniture and equipment in student labs to provide a more comfortable experience.
·         Enhanced student email accounts to provide lifetime access, a significant increase in storage, and collaborative tools to improve communication.
·         Redesigned school web site to improve content organization and use-of-ease.
·         Enhanced POD casting capabilities and recorded more than 800 course pod casts in the fall for convenient downloading.
·         Doubled the number of free printed pages per student to reduce students’ costs.
·         Invited you to become our fan on Facebook - Coastal Law Library (LTC).  As a fan, you will receive research tips; get announcements; learn about important legal news; and much more. 
·         Experimented with possible sound reduction solutions in the study rooms in an attempt to enhance your studying environment.
·         Added more research workshop opportunities to meet the needs of second and third year students.
·         Improved Saturday Reference Desk Hours by ensuring a full-time Reference Librarian in will be on staff to provide better service on the weekends.   
·         Added the Academic Success collection - study aids circulated for three days at a time to provide more and varied access for your studying needs.
Multicultural Affairs
·         Created a more efficient and transparent budget process to ensure more and better multicultural programming.
·         Instituted a new benchmarking system to track department successes and institute new goals.
·         Increased cross-cultural sponsoring of multicultural events and activities to enhance organizational interdependence.
·         Enhanced communication and information-sharing between Multicultural Roundtable (MCRT) members and the Academic Success Department to improve minority achievement during and after law school.  
·         Increased collaboration between the MCRT and external groups including the DW Perkins Bar Association and the Hispanic Bar Association to increase networking and mentorship opportunities.
·         Created a student focus group and used feedback to improve the online registration process.
·         Created a system for students self service software to order transcripts electronically.
·         Developed a process for students to submit Registrar forms electronically.
·         Implemented a self-service option for enrollment verifications.
·         Created a Registrar announcement page to reduce the number email communications to students.
Student Affairs
·         Increased the number of campus presentations, group outreach programs, and individual counseling sessions to enhance student mental health and wellness.
·         Improved relationships with the local legal and service communities to help increase opportunities and awareness of pro bono and volunteer opportunities for students
·         Implemented a Student Code of Conduct to reinforce the school’s core values of professionalism, civility, mutual respect, and accountability.
·         Improved the Honor Code, with direction from students and faculty, to ensure a fair and just process for handling complaints, and to further promote honesty, integrity, and accountability.
·         Redesigned the process for creating amendments to the law school application to allow students to efficiently achieve compliance with the requirements of the school and the Bar.